Valve Cover Racing



Must be a British Motor Car valve cover


Either 4 cyl  or 6 cyl (no Jags they are  to long) 

4 and 6 cyl run together same class


Four wheels all must touch the track. Wings are not allowed


The tallest point of the racer  is the drivers head but a driver not required.


There are two weight classes:

Over Five pounds

Under Five pounds


The awards will be first and second for each class and best looking for a total of five awards. These are Aawarded at end of each race except for the best looking racer. 

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The track will be 21 feet from start to finish, and the start will be at 4 feet high off the ground  but can be adjusted due to  conditions. There will be lane divider the first four feet only with three golf balls at the finish line with one to be knocked over to win the heat.


If the run is to close to call a second run will required with a lane change one to two or two to one . If that is still not clear then a third run would be a run out 20 more feet without golf balls. A double elimination with your GoF entry Number putting you in order of runs


The cover can be run by one other entry person if reg. as co-driver to the GoF West and there are no age requirements.


The track will be set up the day before for testing and single cover runs only. The awards will be given at the end of the race and winners noted at the Awards banquet.