Regional Clubs

GoF West is committed to the support of regional clubs with MG Membership. 

>> There are over 50 clubs in the western region whose members sport the MG Marque

>> If you are looking for a local car club, then reference the following list of GoF West associate clubs

  1. GoF West Regional Clubs - as of November 2, 2016

    State        Club Name Website / Contact Information
    USA AZ    AZ MG Club, Phoenix
    ​USA AZ    AZ MG T‐Roadrunners, Phoenix
    USA AZ    British Car Club, Phoenix
    USA AZ    Tucson British Car Register
    USA CA    Abingdon Rough Riders
    USA CA    Bakersfield British Car Club
    USA CA    British Motorcar Club, Riverside
    USA CA    Cypress MG, Monterey
    USA CA    MG Owners Club of Northern CA
    USA CA    North Bay British Car Club, Santa Rosa
    USA CA    Paradise British Car Club
    USA CA    Redding British Car Club
    USA CA    Ridgecrest British Car Club
    USA CA    Sacramento Valley MG Car Club
    USA CA    San Diego British Car Club Council
    USA CA    San Diego MG Club 
    USA CA    San Diego MG T Register
    USA CA    Santa Cruz British Motorcar Club
    USA CA    Santa Barbara MG Club
    USA CA    Sierra British Sportscar Club
    USA CA    Sorry Safari Touring Society, Bay Area
    USA CA    Southern CA MG Club
    USA CA    TC Motoring Guild, (LA / CA / & beyond)
    USA CA    Topanga Sports Car Club, Studio city
    USA CA    United British Sports Car Club, Sacramento
    USA CA    Valley British Auto Club, Fresno
    USA CA    Victor Valley British Car Club, Apple Valley
    USA CA    Vintage MG Club of S. Ca.
    USA CO    Little British Car Club
    USA CO    MG Car Club of England, Rocky Mtn Ctr
    USA CO    Rocky Mountain MG T Reg.
    USA HI     Classic MGT Hawaii
    USA ID     Idaho British Car Club
    USA ID     Inland Empire MG Classics, E. WA & N. ID  lymsquezer
    USA NM    British Auto Owners Ass. of Albuquerque
    USA NM    British Motor Club of Southern NM
    USA NV    British Auto Club of Las Vegas
    USA NV    Reno All British Car Club
    USA OR    Central Oregon Coast British Car Club
    USA OR    Club' T' MG (Portland, OR)
    USA OR    Columbia Gorge MGA Club
    USA OR    Klamath British Touring Society
    USA OR    Willamette MG Club
    USA TX     The Texas MG Register
    USA UT     British Motor Club of Utah
    USA WA    Inland Empire MG Classics, E. WA & N. ID
    USA WA    International MG Y Type Register 
    USA WA    MG Car Club Northwest Center 
    USA WA    Mount Baker MG Car Club
    USA WA    Northwest MG 'T' Register 
    USA WA    TC Tourers, (Western WA) 
    CAN BC    Canadian Classic MG Club
    CAN BC    Vancouver Pre‐56 MG Unclub
    CAN BC    Victoria MG Club
    USA          N. American MMM Register
    USA          NE MG T Register 

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