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GoF West Organization
GoF West, Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation that was incorporated in California in 1973 to further and promote the use and enjoyment  of Vintage MG Automobiles thru annual assemblies called Gathering of the Faithful West (GoF West).

The Steering Committee
manages GoF West, Inc. and is made up of members from  various clubs. The SC members are elected during a meeting at each GoF West to serve three-year terms. They select the club (or groups of volunteers) and chairman who will have the responsibility of organizing each annual GoF West, then oversee the management of those events. They also ensure that each event is conducted in the spirit of and according to the guidelines set forth in the "Red Book", a document which outlines everything that past events have shown is necessary for a successful GoF West.  The Steering Committee meets at each GoF West event.  Additionally, the SC meets twice more each year to review progress and planning for future events. 

The Advisory Council is held annually at each GoF West to obtain input from every Attendee to improve the Enjoyment of our future GoF Wests.   These Advisory Council Meetings are OPEN to each Registered GoF West Atteendee and attendance and input is strongly encouraged and needed.  The Advisory Council is also the voting body for the Steering Committee Member Selection.   Each MG or Affiliated MG Car Club in the Western United States and Western Canadian Provinces must appoint a single voting delegate for this process.

Steering Committee 
 Current Members
 David Edgar - Chairman
 Lane Rollins - Vice Chairman
 Pete Thelander - Secretary
 Mike Campbell - Treasurer
 Steve Kellogg - Member at Large / Webmaster
 Larry Long - Member at Large 
 Jim Bull - Member at Large E-Mail
 Steve Simmons - SC Advisor - non voting E-Mail
 Larry Long - Co-Chair, GoF West 2016
 Mike Campbell - Co Chair, GoF West 2016

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